2017 New Replica Cartier diamond engagement ring recommended

The time is in the development change, people’s thought esthetic viewpoint also will change with the time change, this is the tidal current, for the clothes people often like trend, for the diamond ring actually is the same. In each year, Kimberley will launch its own new product, incorporating the latest fashion elements, giving people a sense of the times. And you know the 2017 new Cartier diamond ring is what style? Recommend a few today!

2017 New Replica Cartier diamond engagement ring recommended

One of Replica Cartier diamond engagement ring is recommended: the butterflies that show the beautiful state of love.

Spring is the season for all things to revive, and it is also the most hopeful season. There is a saying that spring, as long as in the spring sowing a good plan, efforts to work hard, it will eventually have some harvest. Love of course is so, if you love her, every day in the soul of the dream around is her silhouette, will summon up the courage to struggle, To buy a diamond ring butterfly. Shadow, when she looked at the two lightly to fly butterflies, this vivid image has been told you love, want to each other’s silhouette into a butterfly, forever together, stay in each other’s hearts forever.

2017 New Replica Cartier diamond engagement ring recommended

Replica Cartier diamond engagement ring recommended two: Represents the desire to be a wing forever guarding her butterfly. Wing

In Every girl’s mind, more or less will have the desire to be protected, will fantasize about how his Prince protection cherish himself, hope he will be like an angel in general forever guarding himself. And if you really love her enough, there will be no reservation to give action, let oneself become a double wing, always accompany her to protect her. The ring, called the Butterfly Wing, is meant to protect love until the flower of happiness bloom Two of people’s hearts. Smooth three-dimensional bending of the ring arm, as if a pair of wings, like the arms of a lover, only to hold up and protect the hearts of the most love, build a fortress of love invincible.

Replica Cartier diamond engagement ring recommended three: represents this life only and you love the butterfly.

Love is two of the things, is in the vast sea of people, in the tens of millions of persons without a step early or late, just met the other side, is in the time space completely consistent to meet, so love is not easy. It is not easy to meet each other in this world, since love is to cherish each other’s fate, only mutual understanding, to each other closer, to spend a lifetime together. This diamond ring at the bottom of the mouth of a pair of butterfly can be rotated, the implication of the two lovers $number and mutual traction, the use of the aesthetic sense of space to convey the meaning of love.

To recommend these several Cartier diamond ring, you for Cartier 2017 new diamond ring is not a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of it, is it that the Replica Cartier love ring will seize the mentality of love for creative inspiration?

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